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Runway. By Megan Fizell. Gastroporn, or The Sexualised Eater.

ArtFridge. by Anna-Lena Werner. 10.4.15

Munchies – VICE. By Vanessa Guertler. 23.3.15 (Deutsch)

RAVEN CONTEMPORARY: 2015. Savouring the moment.  Raven


Artlink. December 2019. Elizabeth Willing: The Shelf Life of Food. pg 32-35. Written by Andrew Stephens. Artlink

Art Collector Magazine. July- Sep 2018. Good Taste pg 168-173. Written by Jo Higgins.Art Collector

Art Guide Australia. July August 2018. Birth of the Fair. pg 60-64. Written by Varia Karipoff

Christies International Real Estate. 2018. Clare Limpus. The Taste Makers Christies International

Art fridge Magazine. 2017. Anne-Lena Werner.

Imprint. 2016. Meg Fizell. Books Unbound can be downloaded here IMPRINT

KB magazine. 2015. Written by Karin Schulze. PDF attachment below. Pages 8-15.


Imprint. 2016. Written by Meg Fizell. Squashing, Pressings, and Stains. Imprint

Experimental Eating. 2015. Black Dog Publishing London. Experimental Eating

Appetite. 2013. Written by Meg Fizell Appetite

Art Almanac. 2013. Sarah Vandepeer. Sugar, Sugar. Art Almanac


Metro Arts catalogue 2013

Boxcopy catalogue 2013

SGAR Catalogue 2015

EAT ME Catalogue Trapholt 2017